26 December 2016

Back to sampling

The sampling for radiocarbon dating should have been done months ago, but science rarely works like that. When I got the 185 hours of work from Sheffield, my colleague Tom saw opportunities.  He still had a wish list of dates. So instead of writing manuscripts, I was sent back to the lab. For some of his wish list I need to go to Edinburgh, but some of it could be sorted with the slab samples and sediment cores we still had in Bangor, so I went back to the cold store. A bit strange to get back all that way, but well, more samples is better! And then in the new year I will go to Edinburgh for the really final batch. We'll have to make do with what we have then! 

 A core that has been sampled before

A funny thing I found in my sample (just put this up because it looks good)

The clump of funny things the thing above is a part of

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