05 December 2016

Five weeks? Five months!

When James resigned, it was clear he would leave some of his teaching. It needed to be done; it's the middle of the academic year! I had taught most of his teaching load before, and I was around; it sounded like that job had my name on it. I had already discussed the matter with the Head of School before James had left. He knew I was interested! And you're not likely to find someone else who is both willing to do it, and equally capable. I mean, it would be a five month job. Who would move to Wales for that? I'm already here!

The university seemed to agree. On November the first, I got an email from the Head of School, asking if I would be interested in a temporary lecturing job, taking over from James. I certainly would! But then nothing happened for quite a while.

With the end of my contract firmly in sight I did finally get the confirmation I would at least have a job until any contract replacing James would commence; on the 29th I heard from Sheffield. I am now working for a Yorkshire university again! Trip down memory lane.

Then, on the 30th, I suddenly got an email saying the teahcing job was sorted. I didn't even have to apply. There is this thing called the "re-deployment scheme" that they use for filling vacancies; I suppose they can just slot an employee at the end of their contract into an interim job like that.

As I write this I haven't seen (let alone signed) the contract yet, but I know it will be a Teaching & Scholarship Lectureship for 01/02/2017 to 30/06/2017. I will officially be a lecturer! That sounds very serious and senior. I'll have to get used to that.

And after June? We shall see! The university will have to decide whether they want to keep James' teaching in the long term. If they do, I will be in a good position to apply for that job! And if they don't, well, then the world is my oyster...

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