17 December 2016

Back into climbing

I didn't climb in November. There was a bit too much I still wanted to do before my contract would run out so I had to ditch something. Climbing is the obvious thing to ditch; it is not as addictive as going underground, as not as needed as running to keep fit (I keep doing my pull-ups). But when December hit, and the first week with all the teaching stuff was over, I went back.

I started by belaying Simon. Then I suddenly noticed I wasn't wearing my washer. Oh dear! But in the times since I had been scrupulously wearing it, the lump in my hand had not only grown, but it had also become less sensitive. So maybe I could put weight on it now? I did not have much choice; I had to try. So I did! I tried a first route, and nothing happened. My hand held!

Then Simon wanted to try a route on an overhang. It had rather large juggy hand holds. That tends to be the worst; when you need to have a lot of your weight on the grips due to it being overhanging, and you have to hang there stationary for a while sometimes in order to clip in. It was a bit on the edge, but I tried it. It went well too! Although I sometimes made sure I clipped in with left. The route didn't always facilitate that very much but one can improvise.

I did not want to do more of those overhangs, so we went to the 6a+ route I had failed on the previous time. And to my surprise, I did it! I still didn't lead it. Maybe next time. But doing it on top rope in 10 attempts, to on top rope in 1 attempt; that's progress! I haven't lost my mojo. Good!

After the oragne route I also tried to again lead the 6c route I think is mislabelled. I had to cheat a bit in the middle! Oh well. One's arms get tired. But it was good to be back at the wall, good to see I still climb at the same level, and good to see my hand is getting more able to cope with hard work again!

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