18 July 2016

First world problem

Someone left their bike at my favourite parking spot! Oh no! It was there for eight days. I was afraid it was abandoned. I took exception! The spot where this rogue bike was located is the dryest spot we have at our building; it's closest to the wall, and sometimes the building shelters it from rain. I am not happy about having to park outside anyway; having to leave your bike in the frequent Welsh rain means lots of rust and lots of need for oil. And I'm fine with someone else getting the prize spot if they get there first, but to abandon your bike at this sought-after location? It's digraceful!

However, after eight days it vanished again! Maybe someone just went on fieldwork for a week or something. Hurray!

The situation as I don't like it

The situation as I prefer it (that's my bike there)

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