01 July 2016

All ready for sister!

As I write this, my sister is somewhere in UK air space! Soon she'll touch down and jump on the train. Then we have a long weekend of catching up! We'll need it; we haven't seen each other in three years. Not since the trip in Scotland! Since then we have been riddled with intentions to go and see each other but since then we have both changed jobs, moved house, and been very busy with various things (in my case often teaching). Thus meeting just didn't happen. But today it will! It will be great.

I know my sister is rather specific about the state of her own house, and not very specific about other people's houses, but still I tried to make my house fit for a visit. It's rather tidy and clean now! And well, there's something nice about that anyway.

Watch this space for a report on the important bit: the actual visit!

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