16 May 2016

MATLAB success

It's done! And yet it is not. I wanted to do two parts of a student assignment in MATLAB; that's done now. But I'm clearly not done with MATLAB altogether. The assignments work; one had a sort of bug that turned out to be caused by me underestimating how many decimal points I needed somewhere.The other one was done, but then I realised I had coded it in a way that gives too much away to the students. It railroaded them! But I managed to re-code it so they had to come up with a certain solution themselves. Success!
 What is still to do? As it is now, I have done the one assignment in such a way that I calculate averages in excel and feed the excel file into MATLAB. Of course MATLAB can calculate averages itself. But what needs averaging comes in triplets of columns of unequal size, and the results need to go to a specific place, and coding all that is a pain. I want to do it but it's more faff than it sounds!

The other thing I want to do is do a third part of the assignment in MATLAB. It is now done in different software. And the procedure (multivariate statistics) is rather complicated and thus difficult to code. But I have some time! The students go into the field next month, but only do the assignment after the summer...

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