07 May 2016

Ill, after all

On Wednesday I baked a cake. On Thursday we were home late. On Friday I struggled to pull myself away from my office, where I was trying to solve some Matlab issues. Then that night I woke myself up coughing. That's not nice. That Saturday I still felt OK, but when I woke up Sunday my tonsils were swollen and I was snotty and lethargic. Shit! I had been hoping to do lots of interesting stuff this Bank Holiday Weekend. But I had to reconsider my expectations! I did a bit of computer work on Sunday, and wrote a letter and phoned my mum, but that was about it. I had a nap too. I don't like being ill and it fortunately has barely happened to me since I moved to Wales! But now it did. Fortunately I caught it in time; taking it easy and going to bed early as soon as you notice something's wrong does miracles. By Tuesday morning I was back at work! In the lab, that is; with my snotty head I could not stare at a computer screen for any length of time without feeling miserable, but staring down a microscope was fine. In the end I didn't lose much to my tonsils!

 Necessary bedfellow

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