23 May 2013

More goodbyes

I've said goodbye to the Cave Rescuers, and to the Cornish Mine Explorers. And now I'm staring to say goodbye to colleagues as well! Friday there'll be an official goodbye do, but not everybody will be able to make that. One of my office mates surely can't, so the two ladies together (this excludes my third office mate, who rarely shows up) decided to treat me to proper Devon cream tea a few days before. Today! That was very sweet of them.

They didn't do half work. I had expected tea, scones, clotted cream and jam. And that was all there. But they had also brought the world in sandwiches, and a chocolate cake. So sweet! So we had a little private session. I am very lucky to have shared with them. I hadn't shared offices for years. In the old building, I had my own, phone booth-sized office. And in Norway I had a proper serious office. And before that I was very lucky to share with Alex and Martin, my colleagues and paranymphs, and in a way, I had returned to such days. I have heard I'll share in York as well. I do hope it'll be with equally lovely people!

Claire, me and Nicky

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