28 June 2012

Exeter Cathedral

Large, imposing medieval buildings are a good invention. When you happen to wake up in a city that has one, the thing to do is to visit it. So when we spent the night in Exeter after Paul and Lou's wedding, we took the opportunity to quickly visit Exeter Cathedral. A rather splendid building! With a famous ceiling, touching Antarctic memorabilia, serene and less serene grave memorials, and lots more! I must have been there as a child but I couldn't remember a thing. Good we went back!

The ceiling: apparently the longest continuous medieval vault in the world.

I didn't expect to see this artifact in Exeter Cathedral.

Meet Hugh and his wife Margaret! The 2nd earl of Devon and spouse.

I didn't manage to find out what this hapless character was doing there.

The quire with on the right the bishop's throne

Pretty buildings on the cathedral square

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