18 September 2011

The lab is mine!

Feeling the need to work when you could be caving is not really a good thing, but when it happens you are best off making the most of it. I arrived in the lab on Saturday, intent on finding out how deep in one of my cores the forams would disappear, and to get a batch of samples ready for organic carbon content measurement.
An empty microscope lab on a Saturday

The first thing I did was turn on the radio, really loud, on BBC 6 Music. And then I got my samples out. I had come with the intention to sieve, split, microscope, weigh, dry and burn. That would see me in three of the four labs on the 8th floor. Shamelessly I spread my stuff out over acres and used all facilities at the same time. All labs were mine. Opulence!

A ditto wet lab

I got quite some work done. And on Sunday I was back for more organic carbon content work. And this time I had to pop over to the office to check something, and when I got back I had lost my monopoly; Rob was there too. And even though that meant the radio had been mercilessly changed to some useless R&B station it was still a good thing! One can’t have enough Robs. And by sacrificing the weekend I now think I can finish both the carbon work and the microfossil counts of that specific core this week. That’ll make me feel better!


Lourens said...

All your labs are belong to us!

Maaike said...

[Insert mad scientist laughter]