06 September 2011

Death row for plants

Ending up in my window sill must be one of the things potted plants fear most. Provided they know fear. I’m not very good at caring for creatures that do not voice their needs. I remember the cunning ways in which my cat, back in the days, would persuade me to feed her. Very effective! She lived to a ripe old age. But most plants wither in my care.

About a year ago I bought some plants for both the office and the house. And they’re still all there! But three of them won’t make the full year. I discovered two of my plants at home have been attacked by some fungus or mould of sorts, and I’ll chuck them, and one of my office plants, which needs lots of water, couldn’t cope with my INQUA-inspired absence. All are still alive, but I think I’ll commit euthanasia. The good news, though, is that the other 6 are still alive, and most of these are even positively thriving!

These white spots don't belong there! On neither cactus.

And this poor bugger just suffered from thirst.
The academic year will start soon, and I assume there will be another plant sale on campus. I’ll go and get me some more victims… perhaps I should buy more of the plants that have proven to be Margot-proof!

This is more like it; see the light youg leaves! This one thrives!

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