06 May 2011

Visit to the Netherlands: part IV

My last port of call would be Amsterdam. Again. But this time town centre, as I still like that, but knew on Queen’s day it would be too crowded to enjoy it. And Monique would be joining me! I’ve known her too for almost 20 years. And back then our lives were quite similar, but since then they have diverged. That, however, does not at all hinder having a splendid afternoon together in the sunny capital! And yes indeed, there was lots of catching up happening. And some coffee drinking. And some old-fashioned strolling around on Waterloo Square! And, of course, a most important visit to the supermarket for the purchase of an epic amount of cheese. And being a shameless tourist with a backpack and a camera to wave around in the unusually bright streets. Funnily enough such behaviour had been much longer ago for Monique than for me... it’s so easy to overlook your own back garden! Which reminds me; there still so much of the UK I haven’t seen...

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