09 May 2011

Unpleasant dark confined spaces

Being a caver leads you into all sorts of splendid dark confined spaces. But if you are unfortunate enough to be a caver without garden, and therefore also a caver without garden hose, you are doomed to end up in less pleasant ones as well.

If a trip involves rope work, your life depends on your harness and all that comes with it. And with that stuff you run through heavily corroding water. If you don't want to die too prematurely, you better rinse your kit after such a trip. And sometimes there is water on site, but if there isn't, and you have no garden hose, your only reasonable option is the bath. But after a few such cleaning exercises your drain is bound to clog up. And then you have yet another confined space to stick your head in...

I'll probably have to do this more often. At least I now know how the whole thing is constructed, so next time will be faster. Bring on the corrosive mud!

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