22 April 2011

Im Osten nichts neues

I never need many attempts to get my mother on the phone. That's great! But when it then doesn't work out that's scary. I've now been trying for two days. Yes she is moving house. But if she would already have started using the landline in the new place instead of the old one, she would have told me, wouldn't she? And her mobile tends to be switched off, so using that number instead isn't very promising.

She probably told me she switched to a new number, but then the message got lost along the way, or something like that. There's probably nothing wrong! But still. If your mother doesn't answer the phone for an atypically long time, and you live abroad, you suddenly feel the distance. I can hardly just go and have a look! And with modern, complicated, dispersed families, you can't really phone some more proximal relative to go and have a look instead. Hmm.

I'll just keep trying.

Lo and behold, she had her mobile switched on! It was the prancing between the two places that made her miss all my calls. Glad!

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