11 April 2011

Escape to the beach

It was a beautiful Saturday. T-shirt weather and bright blue skies. I put on a thick fleece jumper. I, after all, was in my office. Nitpicking a document on a topic I’m not interested in. Is the image bleak enough yet? Then I got a text message. If I had time to go to the beach and watch the sunset. What a welcome message!

I finished my work on what one might have guessed was my sister’s thesis, just in time to get my food shopping done as well, and then it was beach time. Such a contrast!

Soon I parked my bike in Neil’s front room (he had been the messenger), downed a cup of tea, and then we were off! It was a day for having the roof down. Upon reaching the shore we of course got distracted by some warfare remains; there’s some quite well-preserved military structures from 1905 to be explored on top of these cliffs. So why frolic on a beach if you can rummage through dark ruins!

The hoist for getting the ammunition from the storage to the gun was still there!

Believe it or not; we managed to rip ourselves away from the catacombs, and descended onto a beach anyway. There’s one with a small cave, and how can one resist? It did mean a certain amount of dangling from cliffs to get there, which inspired Neil to reflect, suspended above the sea, on what he had said to his business partner about taking it easy the day before he’d run yet another half marathon...

Beside a cave there was ample opportunity for clambering around and taking pictures. Fun stuff! And then back, over an even higher sea. Happy days.

This is actually on the way back, but who cares.

 The small sea cave on the beach; notice I'm above it, and not in! I'm not as much as a one track mind as some seem to think.

We then ventured to the beach of choice, which provides a splendid view on setting suns. This heavenly body was quite obliging and set dramatically over Cornwall. Time to go home! Even the drive home was remarkable; we whizzed through the green and pleasant hills with the wind in our hair and Mozart’s Requiem at an almost unacceptably loud level. I hadn’t expected this day to turn out so splendidly!

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