13 April 2011

Ad hoc mine

I don't like other people having all the underground fun! So when I unexpectedly got a text message from Lionel with an invitation to a small exploratory trip down an obscure mine I was glad. I actively try to be the sort of person people ask along on such trips! So I was tired and on the brink of heat exhaustion, but I showed up. And just with the three of us (of course Finbar was there too) we crawled down a hole Finbar had recently discovered. I overheard him say on the phone to Dave we'd only be underground for a short while, so I didn't expect too much, but what a pretty little mine we found there! With lots of interesting clambering and crawling. That ended an already quite full and pleasant weekend in style!

This place is not visited very often; notice the pristine flowstone on the floor! 

A classic stope with supporting beams 

Pretty speleothems!

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