18 November 2021

New social life

One day in summer I got invited over to Martin's for beer by the weir and a barbecue. There were six of us in total. It was a good night, and before too long we were all exchanging cat pictures. Little was I to know that that would be the start of something bigger that certainly still is moving along. I have socialised with the same crew quite a number of times now!

I have now also been over for dinner to Sue and Dean's twice. Getting there was interesting: she had sent me a little map so I would know which house was hers. A slight issue with that map was that all sorts of landscape features were encircled, but not her house. Martin had to come to the rescue and tell me where she actually lived. That way I got there! They have a gorgeous house. And they also have a gorgeous cat: Peas.

When they were at my place, Sue and Dean had been greeted enthusiastically by my cat. Sue had warned me, though, that I could not expect the same treatment from theirs. Guy weighed in; he knows Peas too, confirms that I should not expect any interaction with him. So I was warned. And initially he indeed ignored me. Martin said that after years he had reached the stage in which the cat would sometimes look at him disapprovingly.

Then dinner was done and we moved to the living room. The cat was laying on the armrest of the sofa, and I decided to sit next to him. He was okay with that. I then started to pet him. He was okay with that! So I kept at it. I think I have been scratching his head for at least an hour. The others didn't know what they were seeing. I don't know what it was that made him so okay with my intimacies. But I was chuffed! It is always nice to get to flirt with a pet. 

When I got there the second time he hadn't forgotten me, and the same happened again. I have a new friend. But even though the cat is the only one who gets a picture in this post, it is more important that I feel accepted by the humans. It's nice to suddenly be welcome in circles to whom you were an outsider before. I didn't know if the barbecue would be a one-off, but given that it is now November and I haven't been ostracised yet I have faith it is not. I think it is time I invite the lot over for dinner at mine. Only Martin has ever had indoor dinner here yet! It is time to change that. And I hope many occasions will follow.


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