07 November 2021

New assignment ready

In summer had been working on a new assignment. My colleague Suzie, who had left, had done an assignment in a module I am also teaching on, and now something needed to replace that assignment. The honour fell to me. So I set to work! I like having things prepared on time, so I wasn't going to wait until term was already well on its way.

Then I was suddenly asked to organise our annual fieldwork. So I dropped whatever it was that I was doing, and I set to work on that. The new assignment would have to wait. My teaching in this module tends to fall towards the end, so I knew there would be time to sort it out after the field trip. It is not how I like doing things, but one has to make do with the circumstances one is dealt.

With the fieldwork assignment now sorted, I have finally returned to this task. And I have now got it ready! That is a good feeling. I hope it will work out well. I don't have to make it available yet; there is a bit of time to think about it and make changes. But if things get tight I can just press a button and my assignment is ready for the students. Wish me luck!

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