02 November 2021

Run y Drosgl

I have my favourite run from my front door: straight to the top of the nearest hill (Moel Faban). From the top you have amazing views over the surroundings. That view really lifts me up. I expect to have to abandon it fairly soon, though, as the path leading up will inevitably get very muddy. But I will enjoy it as long as I can! It is nice, though, to also get different views. I had really enjoyed running a bit further east, in the direction of Gyrn Wigau and y Drosgl. I have done it a few times since! Sometimes biking as far as I can and then running the rest; on the way out it does mean ten minutes in the village, and I normally try to avoid the village, but on the way back you can do the bit on asphalt really really fast. I have also gone from the front door, via Pontuchaf. I quite like having added that area to my standard repertoire.

One Saturday it was going to be very good weather, and I decided I was going to take this to the next logical step; run all the way to the top of y Drosgl. Practical this is not; there isn't really a path to the top. The rather good path skirts along the slope in the direction of Bera Bach

But a nearby mountaintop does beckon. So I went for it! I did take my bike to the edge of the village, and then I was off. And it was beautiful! Gyrn Wigau appeared quicker than I expected it to, and from there it isn't far too the path that runs underneath the top. But I had to leave the path to get to the top. That part of the route obviously went rather slow! The hummocky grass isn't very nice to run on, and neither is the boulder field. But the view was absolutely worth it! The surrounding hills were gorgeous in the sunshine. It was a bit windy there, and I knew I shouldn't linger too long, but I really enjoyed it. And from there I went back again. Quite soon I had to get out of the way of two mountain bikers who were coming down the hill as well.

On the way back I had the sun in my eyes so I was squinting, and the wind in my ears so I could hear nothing else, so I ended up retreating into myself a bit, but that was okay. When I got to the farm road again that leads to the asphalt road where my bike was parked I had to squeeze myself through a herd of sheep. Very Welsh!

Back at the bike I checked; it had taken me about 40 minutes to get to the top, and about 30 minutes to get down. And while I was biking down it started to rain. My timing was impeccable!

I think next time I will leave the top of y Drosgl; I am not a fell runner, after all. But I might extend the route to below Bera Bach... 

Looking back in the direction of the village

Summit selfie

Bera Bach and Mawr

Cwm Caseg and yr Elen

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