22 November 2021

Trying to improve Dragon on the laptop

Because I should be able to work both at home and in the office, I have a laptop these days. I had helpdesk help me make it run Dragon, because without Dragon I can't work. And it does work; just never as good as it did when I was still using the desktop. I had googled what to do about that, and tried to sort the settings, but I had never really made it work as well as it had done with my desktop. And during my PDR I got a well-deserved kick in the bum to go back to the helpdesk and ask them to adjust my settings somehow. So the next time I was on campus I did just that.

The bloke was on duty had a bit of a look. He tried to adjust my settings and that didn't work. He tried a different headset and that didn't work. He tried settings again, and then made it not work at all. That scared me. I said I wasn't leaving until he had at least restored it to what it was when I arrived. And he did! But otherwise he was at a loss. He said there was one lady in the helpdesk was good with Dragon, but she was not at work this day. He would ask her to phone me the next Monday.

I hope I can get this sorted. I am using my hands to a certain degree on purpose; the physiotherapist urged me to ease back into it. But with my Dragon not working very well I do too much of it, and it also slows me down. And if they can't make it work on the laptop I want an additional desktop. The University buys these in bulk so I can't imagine they pay an enormous amount for these things. We'll see!

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