09 November 2021

First work in the office

The main reason I had asked for a laptop was that I knew I would sometimes have several engagements in the general Bangor area, with time gaps in between, that I would ideally fill with some work in the office. But as I don't have a computer in my office, I would rely on a laptop. And I got one just before term started. I have already used it for lecturing, but I didn't have the expected gaps yet. Until I suddenly did! And I saw it coming, so I took my old television to the office and installed it as second screen for the laptop.

I ended up in there for less than an hour, but at least it was a short period well spent. And I have now tried and tested the system. It works! (That can't be taken for granted; I couldn't get it working in the teaching lab back in September.) Soon I will have more of these intervals on campus and I have faith will be able to spend them well. And I might get to see a bit more of my colleagues if I do a bit more work in the office! That would be a nice change…

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