12 November 2021

No side gig yet

When my job turned out to be on the line I started to think about other options. I had even managed to apply for a job just before I signed off sick. That application led to a job interview about six months later. This was for freelance teaching in adult education. I thought it was actually an excellent idea to start teaching a course. I could do that in the evenings. That way I would start building up some experience, and connections. I agreed with the educational body that we would try to have me teach a short course on climate change. I already have all the knowledge; I only need to adapt my material to a new audience. And surely the topic would attract people; this was the year of cop26. So it was advertised! By then my job was not on the line any more, but that doesn't mean it never will be again. We are not out of the pandemic yet, and therefore also not out financial danger. And we had already been in financial danger before anyone could suspect we would be dealing with a pandemic in the first place. So yes for now my job is secure, but that doesn't mean I will stay at Bangor University until my retirement! 

For having a paid gig on the side, I had to ask permission for the University but I got that. What I did not get was any enthusiasts for my beautiful course. It ended up being cancelled. In a way that's sad. The good news, though, is that that means I do not have a second job to spend time on, and worry about, in addition to the job I already have. We will try again in the new year! We'll see how things go then. At least I have months more to find bits of time in which to polish my teaching material. If I end up dropping out of academia, I will have more time to do things such as promoting my own course! And this is not the only string on my bow. I am not wedded to academia anymore. I see a possible future outside it! In spite of this rather limited success at my first foray beyond the University doors...

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