11 November 2021

Another bonfire

When I got invited to a Halloween bonfire night I had invited my friend Dani along. She had other things to do. But by coincidence, she was in the process of organising a bonfire night herself. This one was associated with Guy Fawkes night. That was the week after! And she invited me in turn. And it sounded good so I went. I brought some firewood, some more clothes, a mug for mulled wine, and some extra drinks. It was at the same location as an earlier social event: a bit of a strange space at the top of her street. It works fine for gatherings like this! And it is an open space so it requires reasonable weather, but we were having that.

When I got there I immediately spotted Dani, and her neighbour Caro, and more of  the usual suspects. And I quickly got myself a mug of mulled wine. It was a nice relaxed evening! And I quite like how that street has a busy social life. You can't really do that in my street; only four people live in it in total, and one is a bit of a hermit. I don't mind tagging along with this lot! It's still the same village, and I quite like feeling part of it, and feeling like I have something to contribute. And having some warm wine with nice people by a fire is never a chore!

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