08 January 2018

Blasting in the dig again

We hadn't blasted in the dig for a hundred years! Well, actually a month or so. But it felt long! But this time we would go in with a smaller drill and try to drill some hard-to-get-to rocks. And we did! Miles first wanted to properly install the horizontal bar he had put in ages ago; it had been just wedged there for a long time. I went up higher to start there. Last time Miles had brought down a rock, or rather, almost down; it was stuck somewhere and he thought it couldn't come down all the way. I wanted to check if that was true. It was! But at least I got it so far down it was in good position to be drilled. And by then Miles appeared. We could drill shotholes! And we did. Three in total. Miles did the third; it was a bit awkward as the rock to drill was a bit hard to get to. He managed anyway! But while drilling he suddenly stopped and said 'well, that's a first'. I had no idea what he talked about. Until I saw him remove the drill, and most of the drill bit still sticking out of the rock. He had broken it! Blimey. 

He pulled the broken bit out and I charged the holes. And had another fight with the resin gun. As usual. Somehow we don't get along! But I did manage in the end. I connected everything up to the speaker wire I had brought, as the relentless throwing down of rocks had done quite some damage to the previous blast wire (decluttering has its advantages), and went down. With the resin gun. Was it me or the gun? If Miles would have trouble with it too it would be the gun. 

We had a drink while waiting for the resin to dry, and then we blasted. It worked! And then I had a look. All three rocks were in bits! We had some clearing out to do. And then the perilous task of pulling out the next batch of rocks in there. One is loose; I was tempted to pull it out on the spot but I knew Miles had to go a bit early so I left it. And the rest; we'll have to see about those later!

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