27 January 2018

Successful weekend before term starts

I was a bit tense at the end of the last week before the lectures started. I had been spending most of my time marking! I had made sure the Blackboard site of my module was online, but that didn't mean I had prepared the lectures. And I had stuff to organise for my tutorials. And I had to prepare a report for a meeting. I knew that on Monday I would have time, but Tuesday would be entirely consumed by scheduled activities. I wanted to have stuff done before the week started!

On Friday I prepared for my tutorial before I went home. I had dinner with me so it was OK! And then the weekend started. First there was the viewing. Then the rest of the weekend started.

On Saturday I prepared the first lecture, and on Sunday the second. Enough for one week! And I started on marking. The latter was exams, so that's paper; that was done comfortably on the sofa. Nice! And the weather was quite shite anyway.

 Gas fire on, candles lit: excellent circumstances for marking! The wine only came out afterwards, BTW!

I also managed to repair my digging knee pads and  a pair of socks, give myself a haircut, do car maintenance, update the blog, think about finances, ask advice from Phil regarding what kind of tradesperson can do the things I might want done in the house I may buy, go for a run, phone my mum, do my Welsh homework, and prepare for a Welsh in the Workplace qualification I want to try and acquire on Wednesday. Not a weekend with a lot of fun, but surely a weekend that took the strain of the start of term!

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