28 January 2018

Welsh in the workplace

Last year I couldn't do my Welsh A level. This year I can't either! It's scheduled in the same week each year, and that is the same week as our Laugharne fieldwork. But Jenny suggested I could do something else; there are the 'Welsh in the workplace' qualifications, and she suggested I do one of these. They go up to at least level six. She suggested I start at five. And she tends to be able to guess what I'm capable of so I agreed. She explained I would have to talk with one colleague about one relevant topic of my choosing, and then talk to them on the phone. Then another colleague would come into the office to talk about something I wouldn't know of in advance. And I would have to talk to a tutor, and I would get a call from HR about something or other. All would get recorded. I roped in Dei, the most usual suspect, and he was willing. I suggested our salty sea dog Big Gwynne as the person to walk in.

When the day approached Jenny told me she had problems contacting Gwynne, but I found Ian, our head technician, and he was willing and available. Good!

On the day itself I heard Bethan, one of the tutors, approach. It's always nice to see her! We had a little chat and then Dei came in. We talked about me potentially taking over some of his dissertation students. It went well! Then he went away and I phoned him. We talked a bit more about a new fieldwork module. It sounds lovely! Both conversations ran for longer than needed as we had so much to say.

Then we brought in Ian, who spoke of several fieldworks. That was nice too! Then I spoke on the phone to the HR woman and had a chat with Bethan. All was sorted within the hour. And it had been a pleasure! And I finally got to talk about the dissertation topic with Dei; I had suggested it but he had been too busy to do anything with that suggestion. Or even remember it. Everybody wins!

Next week I'll hear if I've passed! I do think so to be honest, it went well...

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