03 January 2018

Getting ready for more fieldwork

There are rumours going around the school that we want to offer more fieldwork. And more rumours suggest I will have something to do with that. It sounds lovely! And the good thing is: even if it isn't true (which happens with rumours from time to time), I will benefit from preparing for it anyway, as knowing more about the regional geology will increase my enjoyment of it. And I know I will be taking over the Earth, Climate and Evolution module, in which I now only teach (timescale-wise) on the Quaternary, but from next year on I get the entire lifetime of the Earth. And the climbing club has mentioned it would like some geological background with the rocks we climb! So if I read up on what's going on here everyone is happy.

I found a useful book on eBay, and a nice geological map of Anglesey, so I can start finding out more about how these landscapes came to be, and where you can find interesting evidence of it! And if you're feeling quite under the weather, the first thing you can do again is reading a book on the couch!

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