24 January 2018

Exams - and then lectures

I managed to get my Palaeoceanography exams marked quickly. By Thursday they were in Lynda's pigeon hole, ready for her to moderate them! But one pile is out of your hands and the other arrived. First I got the small task of marking my part of a shared module. I only had one question in it, and it was optional. Not many students had chosen it! So that was quickly sorted.

Friday, though, was the exam of the glaciology module. That would be a big pile again! And it's a smaller exam; the students do 5 short answer questions and 2 essay questions; about 70% of these are mine and the rest is someone else's to mark. And the palaeoceanography exam was 10 short answer questions and 2 essay questions; 100% of them mine! These students also get 3 hours instead of 2. So this was a bigger cohort but it's less work nonetheless.

PJ Hall, where the exam took place

That exam took me to Friday 4PM. After signing them out and biking back I could start another things. Such as: getting ready for the start of term! With all that marking, lecture preparation hasn't really happened. My first lecture is on Monday morning! Hm. Well the weather forecast for Sunday isn't very good. Weekend lecture prep here I come!

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