17 February 2015

Smart Wednesday

What would be a good day to come to work in a suit for the first time ever? Must be a day in which you try to stuff twenty core sections in a dusty, cramped cold store! At least that was my thinking. Or rather, it just worked out that way.

My charming office mates had decided it would be fun to come to work looking like a million dollars once a week. And I thought so too. The first week I forgot, but that wouldn't happen to me the second week. Even if that day would start in hospital, and wouldn't get back to the office before passing through our cold store.

Between cold store and office I popped by in the showers, to get out of my T-shirt and quick-dry trousers, into my actual suit. And then I sashayed into the office! And the effort was appreciated. I think I have enough smart clothes to wear something different for a few more weeks. And then it gets tricky! But it's a good exercise; normally I don't start practicing looking smart until a few days before a job interview. But looking professional is a valuable skill, and practicing is a good idea. And this way I'll get to find out what the most comfortable shoes are that still match a suit!

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