14 February 2015

New Welsh class

Language education in Britain; need I say more? I have been complaining before. The speed is just so slow! So I have developed a habit of joining a course that's ahead of me, then catch up, and then move to the next course up and repeat the cycle. I was already on my third course by October. And that was enough for a while; it was first term, and I had little time to practice. But in the new year, teaching became less overwhelming, and I could work on my Welsh again. So the class I was in soon became too boring. And Jenny, my original teacher, and my regular speaking practice partner, thought it was time I moved on. And by a rather large step as well; so far I had been doing the first level of the locally used method. It's called the Cwrs Wlpan, and it has 44 chapters. The first course I attended didn't get past the first; I then jumped to a class that was at chapter 8, and after a while I jumped to a class on the mainland that was at chapter 18. We had progressed to chapter 21 in 3 months. Not enough!

Did Jenny suggest I move to the class that's at chapter 30? No! She suggested I move all the way up to the next level (Cwrs Pellach), which pretty much meant I had a week to do 23 of the 44 chapters of the entry level course. Not easy! But I now have some time to catch up. I'm happier now, because working below your level is not very inspiring. And I also registered for every exam of which I think I have at least a slim chance of passing! You must register at least 4 months in advance; I thought I'd better play on the safe side. So in the previous post about Welsh I mentioned I had registered for the entry level exam; I now have registered for the intermediate level one as well. That one deals with the entire Cwrs Wlpan. And then, while I was at it anyway, I registered too for the next level beyond that. I don't know, maybe I manage to raise myself to that level in the four months that are left to the exams! And that one is equivalent to GCSE. That would be a proper, nationally acknowledged qualification! I would be chuffed if I manage that! And if I do? Well, next thing up is A-levels...

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