05 February 2015

Another morning walk

I had got a taste of above-ground, wintery Snowdonia the week before. That had got a bit iffy! I figured the next weekend I could have another try. And then do it better. 

I came up with some plans of where to go, but where I wanted to go there was no parking space. I ended up just parking somewhere near a random other public footpath, and wandered up that. It would lead to the shores of a lovely reservoir, so that would do. And it did! I did bring crampons just in case, but I never got so high up I needed them. It was alright; I had more to do that day. But it was great to have a nice walk in absolute nothing in the morning! And a nice cuppa in the sun. This place is great!

An unusual sight: a leat (coming from the left). It felt like Dartmoor!

Above the reservoir

The sun on the snowy mountains on the way back

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