18 September 2014

More radiocarbon

I know I should concentrate on my upcoming lectures, but I get very distracted by dating. A cruise can have such effect! I mentioned already I had brought some samples back from the boat; both shell fragments and the likes, taken from the sediment cores on board, and a few bulk samples to sieve out, to see if they'd yield something. All for radiocarbon dating. This project only deals with times going back some 26.000 years, so well within radiocarbon reach! And by now the sieving is done. I've weighed what I have sieved out. It is time to make a decision on how to apply when for having which ones dated. It's important! Without age control our whole project falls apart. So this is crucial! But so is teaching preparation. I'll just have to juggle the two. Welcome to academia!

 I found two of those in my samples, and if it's up to me I'll date them both. From http://www.anemoon.org/Flora-en-Fauna/Soorteninformatie/Soorten/ID/585/Zeeboontje

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