05 September 2014

Caernarfon 10k

Back in my Plymouth days, which are starting to feel a bit distant, I liked exploring the surroundings by running races. There always were plenty to go around. I ran in Saltram, Plympton, Totnes, Cockington, Torrington, Dawlish, Mount Edgecumbe, Castle Drogo, and Tavistock. In random order. You get to cover quite a distance and see nice routes in not much time. And running a race is a lot more fun than running on your own. So when I moved to York I tried to do the same, with little luck, although my standard running route was so beautiful I couldn't really complain. And now I'm in Wales. I didn't find any races before the cruise, but during the cruise, trying to keep myself fit on the treadmill, which boiled down to running while staring at a wall (although the motion of the ship sometimes made things quite exciting), I was longing for some running on land. So in my first week back I started to scour the net for suitable races. And I found the Caernarfon 10k! It would take place on my first Sunday back.

During the week I found out that a treadmill has its limitations. I did my standard morning run very slow! So I decided I needed that race to get back into things. And I showed up and registered on the day. It was a nice day!

 Caernarfon castle, which loomed over the route

I parked straight underneath Caernarfon Castle, where I had once been with the PCG. And a while later I crossed the start. It was a lovely route; we first ran along Menai Strait, and then inland, to go back past the castle. I was regretting running in a black shirt with sleeves! My sleeveless top would have been better. Oh well. I seemed to run at a slightly odd speed, as I ran quite some distance alone. I like being sociable on runs, but there weren't that many people around to be sociable with. But I was enjoying myself anyway.

 Nice day, nice views!

I finished in 00:51:43, which isn't bad at all. I've run 10k's in anything between 50 and 56 minutes, and even though some were off-road and some were decidedly hillier than others and comparison is hard; less than 52 is fine. Especially after a cruise! I'm glad I did it. And maybe I'll do it again next week. I just hope I can find some trail runs; I prefer paths over roads for running. But for now, the road will do. As long as I get my groove back! And see some nice country along the way...

You run in Wales or you don't; the memento was made of slate...

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