01 September 2014

Iceland paper: a continuing story

On Monday evening I got back home after 6 weeks at sea. By the end of the week, I had to have submitted the Iceland paper. Which should be routine by now! I submitted that thing many times by now. Luckily, it was supposed to be waiting for me when I got home. And it was.

While I had been on the boat, my co-authors had applied the finishing touches. But I had to scrutinise the final product, of course, before I'd submit it; I'm first author, so I have to be OK with it. So in between all the after-cruise-activities I read the final draft, and the accompanying files such as the cover letter. I made some last changes, and on Friday, I clicked "OK". It felt good! We'll see what editor and reviewers think of it now. I expect it will go through review again, and thus another round of hassle, but I think we'll get there in the end. I think the champagne needs to come out when this one gets accepted!

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