06 January 2011

Back in business

The first working day at 9AM I was jumping up and down on the doorstep of ICT support in order to draw attention my my computer-failure-induced distress. And without delay one of the men followed me to my office and diagnosed a power supply gone *pop*. He thought it would be repaired the same day.

When I came home at the end of the day I found a letter that gave me the PIN number of my new creditcard. The next day I checkd my office in the morning: computer indeed fixed! So I moved back in. And decided I should also get cracking in the lab, so as soon as they opened I went to the card office, to ask if I could perhaps get a replacement for my key card that was still roaming the world with the rest of my luggage. And I could! So I hurried off to the lab in order to expose my samples to a frontal attack. And after that working day I found a note from the courier, indicating they had tried to deliver my bag. Things get back to normal!

All sorts of things that work: computers, credit cards and key cards! And a christmas card, but that's a different category.

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