30 December 2010

Project Seatpost: the end

Sometimes a story needs an end. Two months ago I started blogging about my efforts to change a most uncooperative bicycle from an infertility-inducing monstrum to the most comfortable iron steed possible. About a month ago I blogged that I had managed. But I never blogged about actually giving it back! Don’t know if anybody noticed, but for me it felt bad to leave the story pending like that.

Circumstances inspired postponing the reunion of man and bike for a while. But yesterday the day came after all. I rode the bike back to Plymstock, where Jon agreed it had been greatly improved (of course!), and then we went off to celebrate the occasion with a hearty pub meal. And perhaps a modest pint or two. And I don’t like happy endings in art, but on my blog it’s allowed. So that’s it! Project Seatpost has been completed. And now I have a very roomy kitchen again, with only two bicycles in it. Good, as my own bicycle happened to have a puncture the very same day, and I had use for the manoeuvring space!

Today I realised I had forgotten to give the key back…

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