07 December 2010


Now that is a cryptic blogpost title. And it's not going to get much clearer! It's what I wrote on my hand previous night. It made sense at the time. There was something I figured I really urgently had to do. So I wrote it on my hand. 5. No idea what it referred to.

I often have that, between being awake and asleep. Reality turns strange, and it's full of things that I REALLY should have done. There's variations: sometimes it's something with science. One night I figured I should have done ice core analysis, but I hadn't, and by now the ice cores would have melted. Months after field works I think I still have the rental car and should urgently return it. It can even be that I should have paid my PCG membership fee a long while ago. The strangest things!

Quite often, those who would want me to do these things would have come into my house while I wasn't there and changed things in my bedroom to remind me. Or mock me. It's incredible how much something that's actually a book cupboard can contain regarding reproachful reminders in the eye of the half-sleeping beholder.

I don't see myself as a stressy person! But evidently, as soon as my ratio loses grip I worry myself right out of my bed. Strange!

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