30 September 2010

Keep running

I don’t like running. It’s the most boring thing one can do. Only meters of it make me wonder what the hell I am doing, and where my bike is.

That was one of the certainties of my life. But no more! Being desperate for low-threshold exercise in this not very physical world, and having more colleagues who do run than who don’t, got me trying it. And I liked it. Even though my hamstrings protested loudly. When Jon (temporarily) stopped I did too, but after Norway I was more desperate than ever and looked for another running mate, and I found Ferret. We’re not as equivelocitary as Jon and me, but Ferret actually runs. And by now we’ve ran four times already! My hamstrings have gotten used to it. And it even has a side effect: as we run aftyer work instead of in between, we have dinner together afterwards, which is nice, and helps against the worst of scientific hermitship.

Some other colleagues even drew my attention to a 10 km run for charity. I thought that might be a bit far for my novice body. But then I ran 8.5 km with Ferret without being tired. It’s that the run is in a weekend that I have guests, but otherwise I may well have subscribed! I’m not sure what’s happening to me, but something’s changing. Maybe one day I’ll even be able to motivate myself for running, and then it will really be a source of low-threshold exercise. We’ll see!

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