20 September 2010

Working conditions

I bought them before the Euro era. They cost me ƒ2.50. That's hardly more than €1. And they must have served me almost 10 years, if not more. I'm talking about speakers. I just bumped into a dirt-cheap set of computer speakers and as my desktop was mute at the time, I figured that having sound at my desk would be a neat idea.

I still think sound at my desk is a neat idea. But these speakers, that never were cutting edge, by now were off the edge; they were more or less kept together with sellotape, and the sound quality did not improve because of that. So I got my act together, judged them retired, and went to buy a new set. And when I was at it anyway, I bought a set of portable speakers as well.

My desk new style! The tweeters (is that the word?) are evident, but try to also notice the woofer, almost hidden behind the post-it on my monitor...

Arty-farty picture of a tweeter

I now solidly look forward to office work. The sound quality in there now is as good as in my living room! And if I'm doing stuff from my netbook (as long as it's not demanding a solid internet connection) I have nice sound as well. I like! It's another burst of materialism, but I enjoy it...

And my "home office"; greatly improved!

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Jesper Hansen said...

Hi Margot. Sometimes I wish you were here. Lots of marshland, but no caves, unfortunately. By the way I think you will find my "friday story" interesting.