23 August 2010

Soothes the throat, warms the heart

I thought all was said about laryngitis here, for the moment. But it wasn’t. The condition is a nuisance, but it’s not something that makes you very ill. Just very silent. I did not stay home from work, though my energy levels were not at normal level. And microscoping is something that also works if you’re feeling somewhat under the weather. So today I stayed until I had finished a preliminary count of the core we took in Scotland, and came home fairly late. And found a big envelope, on which I from a distance recognised the word “Lohja”, and which made strange sounds when moved. From Marieke, evidently, but what the...?

It turned out to be enough throat pastilles for an army! So sweet! And I can talk again, but still only at low volume, and two people have today told me completely independently from each other that I’m not myself yet. Besides that, I still need throat lubrication to get me through the night, so the pastilles are very welcome! But whatever they will do for my throat pales in comparison to what they did to my general mood. I have the best sister there is!


De zus in kwestie said...

Owww! Wat lief gezegd!

Eeva said...

Det er ikke din søster som bor i Finland? Lohja? Som foreldrene mine, hihii!

Margot said...

Det er hun! Jobber i Lohja, bor i Helsinki... og tenker om England av og til.