10 August 2010


I was glad I would have something prettier than my toilet to show on my blog.

The invitation e-mail for a mid-week beer mentioned rivalry from “the fireworks”. It also mentioned these could be seen on Tuesday as well. Fireworks? It seems to be a Plymouth tradition; in August several manufacturers of fireworks try to impress the public the most in a public competition. I had just missed that last year. And this e-mail was the first sign that this year I may not. Several more followed.

With the Tuesday caving trip cancelled I worked late. I had received word from the editor of a peer-reviewed journal major revision would be required to have my manuscript accepted. Being back from Norway, and having an evening off, I made a start. That effectively drew my attention away from any frivolous display. When I later ended up on my couch and saw a flash in the sky, my first thought was lightning. But it wasn’t that kind of weather... and more flashes followed. Fireworks!

I packed a camera in each pocket and jumped onto my bicycle. I headed for the sea front, from where I would have an unobstructed view. Very pretty! If I would have remembered this would happen I would have consulted the user’s manual earlier that day... I used the new one, with which I am not fully familiar yet. But I got me some nice pics! And it was about time I got something to upload...

This one nicely shows the environment, with the anchored boats and the tower on top of the hill!

They showed more than these spherical things, but they look best on pics...

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