13 December 2021

Side gig takes off after all

Only last month I announced that I would not be doing any adult education this year. The idea to do any in the first place had resulted from my threatened redundancy earlier on in the lockdown period. I had agreed with my contact person from Adult Education Wales that they would offer a climate change course, but nobody registered. We could always try again in the New Year. But before the New Year had even started, one of her colleagues had asked around a bit, and found an audience in Llanelli for this course. So now it will go ahead after all! And it will start in January. I am glad there is a bit of a lull in the teaching so I can complete my teaching material. There is a still fair amount of work to do but I have faith I can do this. And that means I will have made a start with finding an alternative path! That will be a good feeling.

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