29 December 2021

Project weight, a year later

In the spring of 2020 I posted that I had been keeping an eye on my weight. When lockdown started, I was a bit scared that losing my commute and always being rather close to my fridge would lead to unwanted weight gain. But by May it was clear that that wasn't what was happening. I just changed my exercise regime from biking to running, and my eating patterns changed, but not for the worse. I was actually losing weight. I had no idea, though, if that would last. But with the first teaching semester over, and me having a bit of a Christmas break, I decided to add my later measurements to my spreadsheet, and have a look at how things were going.

More data is better, so even though there are some gaps in the data there (my interest in the project clearly slumped a bit this last summer), the much longer data series is more informative than the short one. And things are still looking good.

There is a lot of scatter in the data, but the overall trend is still just about down. I tried a few trendlines; the one that fits best is basically the logarithmic one. Rapid drop at the beginning, tailing off drop later on. I get a slightly better r2 if I fit a >2 order polynomial curve through, but that is just what polynomial curves do. And I calculated the difference between all my measurements in 2020 and all of them in 2021, and I was 0.9 kg lighter in 2021. I think the proof of the pudding will be in 2022! At the end of that year I will be comparing two years that happened after the initial rapid drop. No idea what life looks like then, but probably not quite like what it was before the pandemic started!

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