12 December 2021

Omicron travel plans

I haven't been back to the Netherlands for 1 1/2 years. The previous Christmas period, lockdown was pretty strict. And in summer there never seemed to be a time when I could go there without having to self isolate in either direction. Summer, of course, was also busier than I would have wished it to be. And now we have the Omicron variant. It is closing borders, and making the English wear masks again. And there is no reason to believe that it stops there. But it is not an unusually dangerous variant, or so it seems. And it has already reached both the Netherlands and Britain. I don't think there is much of a reason to close the border between the two countries. It wouldn't make much of a difference. So I have decided to try to travel. I haven't seen my mum in way too long. And I am keeping my expectations modest; I am well aware that the rules can change at any time. And I also know that even as the rules are right now, things could go wrong. If I test positive for Covid when in the Netherlands, then I can't come back for a while. And I would be stuck. I don't get claustrophobic in confined underground spaces, but I would get claustrophobic in the Netherlands. And I have a cat now. And with great cat comes great responsibility. I will have to be careful! But I don't intend to go and frequent nightclubs or things like that. And I won't stay very long. And if I don't go now, then when? This pandemic is not over yet. It could be a fair while. And sometimes one has to take risks to see loved ones. So wish me luck.

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