15 December 2021

Careful parking needed

In spring 2019 I announced that the venue next door, Neuadd Ogwen, was going to have some building work done. I didn't really know when it would start, but I don't think I imagined it wouldn't start for years. Last year I thought something was finally happening, but this was unrelated work. It happened since that some builders were conspicuously eyeing up the building; they confirmed that had something to do with the expected work. But now finally something really seems to happen. And that something started with Neuadd Ogwen's manager, Dilwyn, knocking on my door. He said it was really going to start now. Even before the New Year! And he said it was going to be a bit of a building site, so he wanted to talk it through with me. He said that he expected that for quite a while, I wouldn't be able to park in front of my house. The terrain in front of my house, by the way, belongs to Neuadd Ogwen. And he said he would buy me a parking permit for the parking lot next door. That sounded reasonable. 

A week or so later I found some men clearly eyeing up the space in front of the house, so I walked out to see what they were up to. And they were planning to put a skip there. They thought they could place it in such a way that I would for now still be able to park there. As it so happened, my car was parked on the street, as there had been a concert, and a van belonging to a performing artist had blocked the way. I pointed out which one was mine but then I had to leave to teach.

When I came back there was indeed a skip, and it even had a fence around it. I don't think that will stop anyone from throwing things in, but there we are! I eyed up the gap they had left for my car. It looked like it was the size of my car, but not any bigger than that. I gave it a go and managed to squeeze the car in. I scraped the tyre a bit along the support of the fence! But then I realised I could rotate that support, which gave me a few crucial extra decimetres. So I did that.

For as long as this skip will stay there, it will be a bit tricky to park, but I think I can do it. And I think this is only the beginning! But the end result will be excellent. I think Neuadd Ogwen will really benefit from having back doors that are well-insulated with regard to both heat and sound. And the work will take months, but I'm sure it'll be fine!

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