21 December 2021

Catching up with Guy and Kate and the dogs

When I had to drive almost all the way to Llangollen for a cave rescue kit check, I knew I would be driving past where Guy and Kate live these days. So I dropped them a line! Were they home? Could I pop by for a cup of tea? And I could! So after most of the day in the freezing school, I then spent on time in their cosy kitchen, where I hadn't been in a long time. It was really good to see them both again!

It was also lovely to see the dogs! I have had a bit of a thing for the eldest of the two, Pi, for years, but the last time I visited them, their other dog Indy decided I was the sort of person you push your nose against. She couldn't get enough of it. And she still thought I was very interesting. She was all over me! Still pushing with that nose.

It was a good coincidence this all happened on the day it did, as the next day I would see Mart, Sue and Dean again, and that allowed Guy to send some birthday cards and Christmas cards along with me. He won't see them again before Christmas!

I am trying to get them to come over for dinner fairly soon. It is always great to see them, and I am sure it is great for them to reconnect with the cat! She is amazing. And they haven't forgotten that. How could they!

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