23 December 2021


On Wednesday I booked my booster. And on Sunday morning my time had come. It was a glorious morning. I had to scrape the ice of the car before I could leave! But I got to Caernarfon on time. I parked up and joined the queue. It didn't take long!

I got in, and was waved to a jabbing station. A friendly gentleman stuck my third Pfizer into my left arm. And gestured at the man who would then take my details and put them into the system. Even though he was wearing a rather intimidating looking mask, I recognised him! And he recognised me. It was Chris from Welsh class. I hadn't seen him in a while, and it was nice to see him again. He was wrestling a bit with the laptop; it looked a bit slow, and gave him a lot of turning wheel of frustration. And my name also gave some trouble; he had entered me as Margot with a t, but I was in the system as Margo without a t. But that was quickly solved. And then I was on my way! 

As I had had Pfizer three times, I didn't have to wait 15 minutes before I could leave. I just sauntered out! And walked around the building where in the meantime the queue had become a lot longer. And I could drive off into the glorious day. My booster wouldn't be maximally effective for another two weeks, and that would be after Christmas, but so be it. I felt glad I now was on my way to having reasonable protection against omicron!

The long queue I found when I had had my jab

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