22 December 2021

Watching yourself on TV

I was on Welsh television in October, talking about the fascinating sediments on a beach on Anglesey and what they tell us about the end of the last ice age. I was asked to do that as the owner of a nearby house wanted bigger sea defences, and the question was whether that would damage the geological significance of the beach.

I don't have a TV licence, so I didn't watch myself. Jaco and Marjan had recorded it, but I haven't been to their place very much recently, and I only got to see it in December. And just after I seen it at theirs, I was contacted by the bloke who had recorded the interview. He sent me the recording! So I could watch it again.

As I expected, only a very small part of the interview was broadcast. But I think I did an okay job. The one thing I noticed was my accent; I already noticed, through having to record all my lectures and live sessions and whatnot, that I don't really hear my accent when speaking English very much when speaking, but I sure hear it when I hear myself back. And that clearly also holds when I'm speaking Welsh! And this was the first time I heard myself recorded speaking that language. Crikey I really sound like I am about the milk the cows. Oh well. I am easy to follow! So even though it doesn't sound elegant, it works well for communication…

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