27 December 2021

Pre-Christmas haircut

I had meant to cut my hair for months already. It kept not making it to the top of my to-do list, but then a Christmas dinner was coming up. I figured this might be the time to move it to the top of the list! And I had envisioned that that day I would have to get lots of things ready before I would leave for Christmas, but then suddenly I wasn't leaving, so the pressure was off. And I decided I might as well take before and after pictures. So here they are! My hairdressing skills in action.

On that note, it is now at least 25 years ago that I had my dreadlocks done. It was quite expensive; it took half a working day and I paid 400 guilders for it. That was several monthly rents! But once you have the dreadlocks, then you can just keep them going with only a very modest amount of maintenance. And my haircuts now take me a few minutes. I suppose that if you average it out I am now paying about 1.3 guilders per month for my hair. No idea how that translates to present-day pounds; something like 60p? Now that was a good investment…



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