09 December 2021

Booster shot - for the cat

One day I suddenly got an email from the vet. They wanted to give the cat a repeat vaccination. I didn't know that was a thing, but my friends Guy and Kate, from whom I had got the cat, confirmed it was. She would also get a regular checkup. That sounded like a good idea.

The cat didn't think so, of course; she hates being put into her basket, and she also hates car rides. My heart always bleeds when she is meowing pitifully in the back of the car! But it is for the best.

I encountered a different vet this time. It was a kind lady. The cat wasn't so sure about all of this; when we opened the door of her basket, she didn't want to come out. She was so shy! Quite different from the previous time, when she had gone on an explore, stomping all over the keyboard, and wanting to jump onto the blue roll dispenser. We had to drag her out. 

The vet was pleased with her general state of health, and even with her weight; the previous time she had been criticised for that, being 4.45 kg. This time she was 4.40 kg; not much different, but it was fine as far as the vet was concerned. She was happy with anything under 4.5 kg. I think I can manage that. She also gave her the injection. The cat didn't seem to mind too much. But what she did mind was having to go back into the basket. But that's life!

She was still complaining on the way back, but I knew it was not long now. Soon we would be home! And then it would be over again. I don't think she will have to go back overly soon now. I hope not…

I was scared she might now mistrust me, and avoid me in case I might want to put her back into the basket. And for a short while that was the case, but after an hour or so she was fine again. And she did her usual sleeping on my bed. She had forgiven me again!

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